Hebrew Roots / Messianic Prophecy

Bible Study Links and Tools

(in no particular order)

Weekly Bible Study and Messianic Teaching with Christian Rabbi Craig Emsweller
Christian-Hebrew Assemblies of Yahweh, Taos New Mexico

Chapter by Chapter and Verse by Verse Daily Bible Study with Pastor Arnold Murray
Shepherd's Chapel, Gravette Arkansas

Hebraic Roots News, Programs and Features with Al and Tommie Cooper and dozens of excellent programmers and guests
God's Learning Channel, Midland Texas

Weekly News and Prophecy Updates from the man who boosted modern awareness with "The Late Great Planet Earth"
The Hal Lindsey Report, Tulsa Oklahoma

News and Articles about Prophecy and National Security Issues by Dr. Jonathan Hansen
World Ministries International, Stanwood Washington

Articles, MP3s and Videos about Christianity and Apologetics by Dr. John Ankerberg
Ankerberg Theological Research Institute, Chattanooga Tennessee

Prayer Bulletin and Political/National Security Alerts, "Faye's Facts" by Faye Hardin
Insight USA, Orlando Florida

World News & Prophecy Commentary and Analysis by the United Church of God
World News and Prophecy, Cincinnati Ohio
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and The Good News Magazine

Bible Prophecy News and Multimedia Archives by Irvin Baxter Jr. and EndTime.com
Endtime Ministries, Plano Texas

Intense Hebrew Bible and History Teaching and Study Tools by Rico Cortes
Wisdom in Torah, Auburndale Florida

Hard-hitting Gospel weaponry; not for the weak or deceived - Not Politically Correct; Just Correct
Militant Christian Organization, Taos New Mexico