The Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there was a tall and handsome prince who made his living showing others how to facilitate their own art with the most modern technologies. Well traveled as a youth, he had gained much knowledge of many things, and enjoyed converse with the sages. Perhaps best described as Leonine, he was a perfectionist raised to a fierce pride in his abilities and fiercer still defense of principle, and yet showed a tender feline affinity for his own.

Coming from a very matriarchical empire, he was spoiled by the continual presence of women of strength and beauty. Therefore he was oft disenchanted in his search for the fair (though as many bards sing dusky) maiden with whom he would rule his realm. Because of his open appreciation for beauty, he was occasionally said to be a buck, but any such appearance was actually a facade for his shyness. His friendly, flirtatious nature was backed by loyalty and honor true to his One Love.

Legend has it that after a long search, he found her. She was strong and fleet of mind and body, which pleased him greatly and roused his great affections towards her. She was a fine mother to their children, which pleased his own father and mother so. And the lore says she was of a beauty which equaled that of his several sisters, which pleased his grandmother, who was the elder at charge.

For his extended family was indeed both large and close, and the prince and princess would enjoy the company of many. So many, in fact, that family feasts were celebrated year 'round across the countryside, in honor of their births and other tributes to each of them all.

Together the noble couple and their progeny enjoyed travel and dance and all sorts of diverse and exotic amusements, for boredom of routine was their mutual enemy. They lived on their various estates, which the prince and princess won together by their exercise of commerce. For it came to pass some years hence that the prince's lofty goals had been surpassed, and they did verily live happily ever after.

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