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Jenne was not quite two years old when Jerry Garcia took her up in his arms during a concert at The Santa Fe Downs in September 1983. After growing up going to gigs worked by her parents' sound company, sometimes falling asleep during the shows right behind the drummer, it's not a surprise that Jenne has taken to the stage. She got her first guitar at the age of 12 and promptly started writing. She has also mastered songs from artists such as Ricki Lee Jones, Fiona Apple, Jewel, the Cranberries, and Sheryl Crow. Jenne's amazingly versatile voice and flexible guitar style were developed while jamming both to the radio and with her parents, who are skilled musicians themselves. Perhaps, too, there was something more to that early touch than just Jerry's love.

Jenne recently graduated from Northland High School, where she participated in the marching band and in the choir. She also won awards in talent shows there and was voted the honor of Best Musician in the school. She is currently enrolled in a community college transfer program, anticipating a later major in Performing Arts.

In addition to performing at school functions, Jenne has played in settings as varied as coffee shops, family restaurants, and on local television. She has also performed before such acts as Yanni, Travis Tritt, Hank Williams Jr., and Olivia Newton-John at the Polaris Amphitheater in Columbus, Ohio. Her easy conversational style allows her to interact well with a variety of audiences large and small.

Performance Photos

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Cityview AM 980626

Cityview AM Television
June 1998

Northland High School Choir 990520

Northland High School Choir
May 1999

Common Grounds 980808

Common Grounds Coffee Shop
August 1998

Polaris Amphitheater 980527

Polaris Amphitheater
May 1998

Polaris Amphitheater 990522

Polaris Amphitheater
May 1999

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Jenne on Jenne...

Perfect plain Paper

    laid out before me

like an unplanted garden

    Waiting for me to sow the seeds

      of my words

In which later I can review my emotions

    add my visions,

    Caress my fears into nothing.

Unlike my words,

      My actual thoughts are skeletons

    the writing, the ink is my shell

Which encases my feelings

      into pretty form.

    More comprehensible, fathomable

with no words I would be anarchy,

    lack of form, lack of backbone.

      layout emotions -

you can smell them in the ink on this page

      these writings are my nation

    for which I dictate

laws have no definition, only shadows.

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