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1. She Knew What She Wanted 4. Maybe Someday
2. Midnight Trip 5. Naked Underneath
3. Trigger Happy 6. I'm Still Here

1. She Knew What She Wanted

She was good, she knew what she wanted
She ate all her food, a good girl they said
She hid her anger, her sad
from whoever they were,
but inside she was whatever they weren't

~ Because today is the day
And no one could have known
Who would have thought -
She wants to be alone ~

She wasn't what she was taught to be inside
And finally figured out what she hides
She hid her anger, her sad
She felt quite the fool
She tore them apart, she was their kind of cruel

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2. Midnight Trip

Hold me in your iron grip, restraining me from a fall
But don't contain me with certainty - there's something wrong
I'll give you my thoughts
and hand you my love
devoured and simple
like an unfinished drug

Let your truth light the dark, vicious mask falls away
I won't be ill-composed as I encounter strain
Your fingers still graze my own
Your eyes swallow me whole
feel my cold touch upon your brow
it must be good to feel the cold - the cold

~ You will not see me go, but prepare to witness me weep
underneath this vivid smile
I disclaim the scars I keep ~

Play about your memories, like stones under your skin
feed my desire to know you, and not be hurt again
Hold me before you
in your heart and in your eyes
I understand, my love
why you grasp so tight

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3. Trigger Happy

You got a little trigger happy one night
don't you think he'd cry the same for you
But does that make it all right

~ And I know
you think you've got it figured out
but somehow
You can't put together how it came about ~

You walk up to that big wooden box
And look a dead man in the face
you say, "My brother are you happy in this place?"

Ten years down the road
give or take a few, or maybe just a day or two
You dream of him, but you know that
he's forgiven you

One soggy morning in a cemetery when you're
Staring at his stone in the ground
A little voice whispers to you
what goes around comes around

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4. Maybe Someday

Once upon a time I couldn't think
So I sat back down and had another drink
and thought maybe one day I'll get there
But today I know that I was wrong, so I sit and listen
to another song and think
Maybe someday I'll get there

Because I didn't want to
And I didn't think I needed to
So I didn't care at all
But I get my head into gear
And wipe away my unnoticed tears and say
Maybe I'm glad to be alive

~ I'm looking out as days unfold
and knowing my future before it's told
But I didn't say anything at all ~

One day I saw a young man out on the street
He was begging for mercy at a stranger's feet
I though maybe, one day he'll get there
But today I know that I was wrong
even though he cared, he took too long
Maybe he'll never get there

Though he wanted to, and though he needed to
And he cared for it all
So I look away down the street
and wonder who I'm gonna meet
Maybe I'm glad to be alive

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5. Naked Underneath

Tears make a dirty path down my face
But they'll never look out of place
Don't tear me apart with your razor teeth
I'm just the same as you
~ underneath ~

Your face is drawn in steam on the bathroom mirror
you've painted me a sick picture I see
My thoughts are hidden in a drawer
behind a wall,
and if I'd have told you, you wouldn't have cared at all
~ cared at all. ~

I see you walk home alone in the rain
and even though you don't know
I feel the pain just the same
lean on me into the light
I'll keep you safe, I'll keep you ~ upright ~

Go ahead and do anything to me
because you know every time
I'll wipe your slate clean
I don't know what my patience will teach
all I know is we're all naked
~ underneath. ~

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6. I'm Still Here

I see the way you play your game
So many times you've tried
it results the same
And now I can say that I've defeated you
You can whisper your sour words
and leave yourself confused

~ Because I'm still here, go ahead and show
that you've stayed the same
but I've grown ~

You still regard me, and believe you were wronged
but your pride will not admit
that you might have fought too long
There is no diverse delight I find
in knowing how deprived you are
without an open mind

Now you've been caught in this current consequence
there's not a thing to miss
when there's nothing to resent
I find fault in what you think is real
So you can play your game
but don't tell me how to feel

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