Links of Interest (besides golf, that is)

Businesses of Note (Clients and sites I've done work for) Online Talent Marketing & Promotions

The House At The End Of The Rainbow NM Rental Property (Currently Not Available for rent though!)

Starbase Columbus For All Things Star Trek, Xena, etc.

SIG Combibloc, Inc. Asceptic Packaging Systems

Schrock Handcrafted Cabinets, Diamond Cabinets, and Kemper Cabinets, World Wide Wholesale ~ Sorry, Demo Site Only - Orders no longer being accepted

Friends (ok, so they're not all online)

Mike Unger's Home Page (Musician)

TV and movie fans will recognize this guy I went to school with in the Second Grade!

George Clooney, Grade 2

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Original Macintosh Software and Computer Specific Links

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