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Hello, Ladies! Are you ready for the Ring Girl Competition?

Lima '94 Ring Girls

Hey Fighters, are you ready to kick someone's guts out?


If you have mastered the so-called "wall-eyed" or "Stare-eo" stereo technique* (NOT cross-eyed), click the double images above to view at full size (about thrice this)

These double images (Remember the ViewMaster?) are created in a stereo 3D method that does not require a viewer to see. IF you can see Magic Eye® type images, that is. *Click Here if you need a lesson or two on possible techniques that may work for you. An inexpensive viewer for this type image will soon become available - watch this page for details.

Click the images below to view them at full size (approximately triple that below).

Toughmen! Ring Girls! Toughmen!
Ring Girl! Toughmen! Ring Girls!

More Stare-eo 3D Images Coming Soon!

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