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These UNEDITED (yes, even the "bad" ones) sets are from several "fashion" type shoots done as tests. They are designed to show what is possible from a typical shoot as far as production quantity goes.

Brook's shoot (spread between 2 pages) was an hour and twenty minutes long including set change for the color backdrop and all costume changes. It netted 68 unique movies, sometimes duplicating poses.

Carrie's shoot (her first modelling ever - thanks Carrie!) was an hour and six minutes long including costume and set changes. There were 40 movies made from that shoot.

Jenne's first shoot (page 1) was an hour long including set and costume changes and 36 movies were produced - movies 1 and 3 are identical except for compression method.

Jenne's second shoot was only 35 minutes long with changes and produced another 26 movies.

Jesse's shoot (spread between 2 pages) was just over two hours long including all costume changes. It netted 81 unique movies, sometimes duplicating poses.

Final score? Six hours of studio time and 22 hours of post production for 251 movies.

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