How to Use
QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR)
Object Movies

Here you may learn methods to help you view the
QuickTime Virtual Reality Movies (QTVR MooVs) at this and other websites.

The first thing you need to check if you don't see a big "Q" followed soon by a holiday kiss in a crystal ball above is whether or not you have QuickTime software from Apple. You can do this by checking for a QuickTime Settings Control Panel in your system. If you do not have this control panel, you will need one of the later versions of QuickTime, which is available from Apple Computer.

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When you pass your mouse over a Quicktime VR movie (one is embedded just above), you will see the cursor turn into a little hand when over the center portion of the movie. It will turn into arrows as you approach the edges. Just as the hand indicates the ability to "grab on" in most graphics software, you can click and drag the mouse when the hand is showing to manually turn the movie on the axis (or axes) that it moves on.

If you move your cursor toward an edge until it becomes an arrow, you will be able to click and hold to rotate the movie in the direction of the arrow. A bar at the arrowhead means you have gone as far as you can go in that direction. If you move the mouse away from the movie as it is rotating, it will go faster to the limit of your hardware!

If the movie is NOT embedded, the QuickTime Plugin used will determine whether you can zoom in on the movie, drag it around to see different portions of it zoomed in, and things like that. The version of plug-in you have also determines what save capabilities you will have when viewing the VR movies on the web.


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