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How Much Land did God give Israel?


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Pre-Trib? Post-Trib? Mid-Trib?
WHAT Rapture?


Past Meetings - links to some materials covered

Saturday April 6th
Parashat (Torah Portion) Shmini and Beyond

Friday April 5th
Why Smart People Believe Stupid Things

Saturday March 30th
Parashat (Torah Portion) Tzav and Beyond

"Good" Friday March 29th
Museum of the Bible - History of Easter [Rebuttal]

Saturday March 23rd
Parashat (Torah Portion) Vayikra and Beyond

Friday March 22nd
Movie: The Passion of the Christ (2004)

Saturday March 16th
Parashat (Torah Portion) Pekudei and Beyond

Friday March 15th
"Was Jesus Killed on Good Friday?"

Saturday March 9th
Parashat (Torah Portion) Vayakhel and Beyond

Friday March 8th
"Is Lent a Pagan Holiday?"

Saturday March 2nd
Parashat (Torah Portion) Ki Tisa and Beyond

Friday March 1st
"Politics AND Religion - Which Tribe are you?"


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